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Attitude and Good Selling

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Good selling requires that you understand the product reasonably and work to appreciate the customer’s requirements – some call this needs selling and others prefer to refer to it as wants selling – I prefer to believe that people only buy what they want and rarely buy what they need. But before we move on Chrome Hearts Caps Hongkong ahead and beyond all that, I personally believe that the secret of a good salesperson is about what goes on inside their head – being aware of the needs, converting these to wants and then building value in the wants until the order is converted to a product or service the prospect believe they either cannot do without or would be so much better off investing in.

Above all else, selling is an attitude. It’s how the salesperson thinks and feels. It’s about the sellers whole approach to themselves, their company, their products and, of course, their prospects who then become customers. But the best part is, a good salesperson believes all of this can be condensed to just three words: Confidence, Pride and Care. Here’s how this comes together:


The basis of all successful selling is confidence. Confidence does not mean blind hope. No, confidence is Chrome Hearts Iphone Case more than that – it’s more about how you think about yourself and your future.

Self-Belief – A confident salesperson always believes in themselves and their abilities to sell well. In order to create trust with the prospect, the first thing that salesperson has to sell is themself. Whilst self-belief does not ever guarantee that the salesperson will make a sale, but it always increases the probability of success to the salesperson.

If you go into a selling situation and you do not believe in yourself, then chances are that you are doomed to fail. But the most important part here is, that if you don’t believe in yourself, then chances are that the customer will not believe in you either. And if they don’t believe in you or you capabilities, they will also not believe what you say.

The sellers doubt will become their doubt and doubt never leads to the sale. Chrome Hearts Short Sleeves T Shirt Sale Factory Informed Optimism – Blind belief is never a good thing. If the seller thinks that they are being positive because they have studied the product and the prospect will be so confident in their knowledge that they will buy has a BIG wake-up call coming. The reality factor here is that although belief and optimism provide powerful support but they do not replace factual knowledge.

If you are ready to sell, and have good information at your fingertips, then you should have good reason to be optimistic. Even if you do not have complete information at your fingertips (and who does), a tendency to be optimistic also helps create a positive attitude, and it’s the transference of the feeling being created internally by the salesperson becomes the positive attitude that helps drive and cement the sale.

The bottom line here is that belief alone is not enough, the salesperson should know that little is achieved until they have Chrome Hearts Clothing Online put in the appropriate preparation and work first.

Can-do Approach – It is well documented that a combination of self-belief and an optimistic approach lead to a ‘can-do’ attitude which, in turn means, you will be more inclined to get out there and create the sale primarily through your thoughts and actions. Pride

Technically there are two kinds of pride. Pride in oneself can come across to be a very selfish thing. But the pride your are conscious of that is purposely placed outside yourself is an important attitude that communicates and transmits itself to your prospects and customers.

Here are two kinds of pride that keep the sellers confidence high while at the same time are really well accepted by the prospects and existing customers alike.

Pride in the Company – Every salesperson should be proud to work at the company that employs them. When you associate yourself with the company and the brand and it’s values should make you feel good and generate loyalty within. If it doesn’t, don’t work there,
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Chrome Hearts Safe Shipping Jeans Pants because you won’t last long.

Pride in the Product – Secondly, the salesperson should be proud of what they are selling. Just thinking long and hard from time to time that you have the privilege of selling such a great product should make you very happy indeed.

As with pride in the company, an intrinsic pride in the product is a powerful motivator, that works just as well for both you and your customer.


Finally, a selling attitude is always construed a caring attitude. Rather than just dumping products on customers, the salesperson should care about them and their unique problems and challenges, and hence be proud of how their products will help the consumer.

Care for customers can include taking time out from the normal selling day to check up on them, that the product is working ok and that they are happy with it and the follow up service they get. This includes sending them and their partner Christmas and birthday cards, etc. The reality here is that when others know that you care about them, personally, then they will be far more willing to trust you — and trust is the first of the many doorways to selling.

Have Fun doing what you Love Doing

If you enjoy your work, you’ll radiate that something extra to the customers you work with, as well as those who you count to be amongst your prospects.

The more confidence you radiate in yourself and your product or service, the more confident others will become in the way you do things. And a happy customer is ideally what you want to create anyway.


This Article by is Peter Collins – In a sales career spanning more than 50 years, Peter Collins has focused on helping and bringing out the best in others – whether it involves training or mentoring salespeople, managers, business consulting to SME’s. Since the 1970’s Peter has built a reputation as a Nationally and Internationally Published author, and has 65 books to his credit, but he is mainly known for one book based on the Audio Tape series of the same name, Over 50 Ways of Closing the Sale. In his personal life, Peter has been sought after as an encourager and motivator that has given of his time and talents freely despite his busy schedule. Subsequently, he has assisted churches, pastors, community and charity groups, as well as individuals through his teaching, training, development and on-going mentoring. Peter can be contacted through his website – profitmakersales – Submit your articles to AMAZINES.COM

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Deciding On Products In Mortgage

Every American dreams to own the ideal home of his or her own. If you are browsing for your first home but are unsure of the mortgage financing process, this is the ideal feature for you. Use the information in the following paragraphs to learn the key ideas you need to realize to allow you get a excellent deal on your mortgage financing.

Avoid fudging the numbers on your loan application. It is not unusual for folks to start thinking about exaggerating their earnings & other sources of income to qualify for a larger home loan. Regrettably, this really is considered froud. You could essentially be criminally prosecuted, even though it doesn’t appear like a big deal.

Before you refinance your mortgage, ensure you’ve got a excellent reason to do so. Lenders are scrutinizing applications more closely than ever, & if they don’t like the reasons you’re searching for more money, they could decline your request. Be certain you can accommodate the terms of the new mortgage, and be sure you look responsible with the motivations for the loan.

Think about hiring a consultant to walk you via the home mortgage process. There is a lot to know about getting a home mortgage along with a consultant can help to make sure that you get the best deal feasible. They can also ensure that the terms are fair for you & not just the company you chose.

Don’t forget to calculate closing expenses when applying for a mortgage, especially if this is your first time. Chrome Hearts Cheap Online Jeans Pants Above and beyond the down payment,
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numerous charges exist just for processing the loan, and many are caught off guard by this. You need to expect paying up to 4 % of the mortgage value in total closing expenses.

For the reason that the mortgage sector is not regulated, get your loan from a trustworthy company. Avoid working with a mortgage company that is only accessible to you online. It is valuable to select a company that is known to you & who will be available to you. Do not use the services of a mortgage broker who records your revenue or costs inaccurately.

Pay off or lower the quantity owed on your credit cards before applying for a home mortgage. Though your credit card balances don’t are obliged to be zero, you ought to have no more than 50 % of the accessible credit charged on each credit card. This shows lenders that Chrome Hearts Hot Sale Underwear you are a wise credit user.

Do not use real estate brokers or mortgage lenders who encourage you to lie on your home mortgage application. It’s illegal to lie on this application,
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& it is a legal write-up. Misrepresenting your income or other data is grounds for criminal prosecution. Working with individuals that encourage you do commit a crime is not a fantastic thought.

Never assume that a great faith estimate is fact or written in stone. It’s in truth not just an estimate, however one written in fantastic faith. Continually be wary of extra expenses & fees that can creep into the official & formal paperwork later that drive up your total expense.

Be conscious that certain things could must be done to the property before the loan could be approved. One such thing is extra insulation added to the home. This work can Chrome Hearts Cheap Store Caps either be done by the home buyer or the homeowner. Nonetheless, once the work is completed,
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it must be inspected by a certified inspector.

Keep in mind that it takes time to get a mortgage closed; so, it is necessary to include adequate time in the sales contract for the loan to close. Whilst it might be tempting to say the deal will be closed within 30 days, it is best to use a 60 or 90 day timeframe.

Pay off more than your minimum to your home mortgage every month. Even $20 extra each month can assist you pay off your mortgage more swiftly over time. Plus, it’ll mean less interest expenses to you over the years too. Should you can afford more, then feel free to pay more.

As was stated earlier in this feature,
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pretty much all Americans dream to own a home of their own. If you are in the process of attempting to find your first Chrome Hearts Sunglasses Uk home, use this post to educate yourself on mortgage financing. By carefully reviewing the guidelines in this editorial you can get a fantastic deal on your mortgage.

Get a home loan for your new residence or refinance from a network of lenders who compete for your business. Applying for a home mortgage loan is simple. Receieve home loan offers from up to 5 mortgage lenders. Want help with your home loan? Whether your shopping for a new home loan or refinancing an existing home loan, we can allow you make the proper choice. ?Visit us at?/

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Email Marketing Solutions – A Significant Element for Your Online Success

email campaign. Thus, keep it to the point and try to make it tempting for the customer to open your mail.

3. Attractive email design and quality content If once the e-mail is opened, you cannot afford to drop the attention of the customer, so go for professionally planned solutions to stay away from such an adversity. If you want your e-mail to yell the company’s expert approach to everything, it should be intended properly, with the thought of your business in mind. Another concern is that Chrome Hearts Accessories Fast Shipping your e-mail content should be unique, viable, fresh and reflecting your business targets. It is always nice to include special offers in your e-mail for the prospective and present client to get hooked on.

4. Use personalization in your emails If you make use of personalized email marketing solutions , supervise them well or do not personalize at all because poorly personalized e-mails can do more harm to your business. Ensure your customer database is truthful so that personalized emails do not make spam complaints. Thus, valuable e-mail services are the best way to contact hundreds of prospective and current customers fast and effectively.

Overall, e-mail marketing should be the main concern for your businesses, whether online or offline. You can enhance customer relations, get to more people and improve your bottom line. Just find out the right e-mail solution Chrome Hearts Boots Online Sale for your business and you will be successful in long-run. “>In the present era of the development of online business, it is fairly simple and inexpensive to draw the customer’s attention by using tactical email marketing solutions offered by trustworthy email marketing company. Indeed, email marketing is the best way of sending promotional mails to clients, unless your messages get trapped in spam filters.

On the whole, if the strategy is carefully planned in advance of the actual campaign, it can create wonders. One of the main benefits of e-mail services from the point of view of organizations that use them is that the outcomes can instantaneously be measured. Additionally, customers can be recognized, retained and attracted with lucrative offers depend on their Chrome Hearts Pillows Uk interests.

To get more information on the topic, look through the following sections.

1. Select professional e-mail marketing templates It is tricky Chrome Hearts Winter Jackets For Sale to contact a large number of prospective customers without professionally planned email templates. It is simple to use up your profits down to nothing by using inadequately managed templates that are probable to get never opened if not wind up in spam filters. You have just a few seconds to grasp the attention of the customer with an attractive subject line that supports recipients to go through the email. Without specialized email marketing solutions, making a template that works may be relatively an issue; that is why you should not waste your time and money on striving with e-mail templates as having services of email marketing company to run your email campaign is much prudent. Only if the e-mail is designed correctly and characterizes the correct HTML code, it looks good in all browsers.

2. Make use of eye catchy subject line Once your email reaches the in-box, it is up to your customer to choose whether to open or delete it. If your customer is not a targeted one, it may be quite hard to capture their attention and appropriate subject lines are the only method to do that. Your subject line can exactly make or break the success of your email campaign. Thus, keep it to the point and try to make it tempting for the customer to open your mail.

3. Attractive email design and quality content If once the e-mail is opened, you cannot afford to drop the attention of the customer, so go for professionally planned solutions to stay away from such an adversity. If you want your e-mail to yell the company’s expert approach to everything, it should be intended properly, with the thought of your business in mind. Another concern is that your e-mail content should be unique, viable,
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fresh and reflecting your business targets. It is always nice to include special offers in your e-mail for the prospective and present client to get hooked on.

4. Use personalization in your emails If you make use of personalized email marketing solutions , supervise them well or do not personalize at all because poorly personalized e-mails can do more harm to your business. Ensure your customer database is truthful so that personalized emails do not make spam complaints. Thus,
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valuable e-mail services are the best way to contact hundreds of prospective and current customers fast and effectively.

Overall, e-mail marketing should be the main concern for your businesses, whether online or offline. You can enhance customer relations, get to more people and improve your bottom line. Just find out the right e-mail solution for your business and you will be successful in long-run.

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Aruba Restaurants With Fabulous Views

Aruba is not only known for its wonderful white sandy beaches and breathtaking sceneries, but this island also presents a delectable local flavor. Your vacation wouldn’t be complete if you haven’t tried to taste the local cuisines that this island has to offer. Dining in Aruba is nothing short of a compelling flavor filled with excitement and surprise. Dining venues are just as different as the menus with new and unusual themes popping up everywhere. Resorts have elegant restaurants, both chic and casual, with bountiful buffets and a night full of entertainment. You can also take pleasure dining on the beach, poolside, in landscaped gardens, panoramic terraces and on moonlight piers. And even the small local establishments in this island also offer good quality of food and delish flavors.

Flying Fishbone

It is known to be one of the cozy and most romantic seaside restaurants in the island, located in Savaneta, which is a little but more island inwards. Though not right next to any hotels, it is surely worth the taxi ride. The restaurant setting is perfect when wanting to view the sunset; tables are in the sand, so come dining in your flip-flops. Even though the name implies this is a fish restaurant, other courses are also available for meat lovers. This restaurant lets you experience eating on the beach to the next level; here you can eat while your feet are in the ocean. The food is excellent and the service great. This is a must try when staying in Aruba.


This is Aruba’s Sunset Restaurant and also one of the hidden treasure on Aruba. Marandi has a wonderful ambiance on top of the turquoise waters on the Laguna Pier, either under a very large palapa hut or with the sky as your rooftop. Enjoy a stunning view of the Laguna Bay no matter where you are settled. Take in Aruba’s breathtaking Chrome Hearts Accessories sunset, totally surrounded by fish swimming in the Laguna waters, and later in the day, the sparkling stars right above you. You will surely be delighted with their sumptuous international flavored cuisines,
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blended with a Caribbean touch. You will also feel at home with the place because they have attentive and friendly staffs that make your dining experience a memorable one.

Passions Beach Bar & Restaurant

It is directly situated at the Eagle Beach; it offers the most romantic dinner experience in Aruba. Passions Beach Bar sets up tables, chairs, and tiki torches every night on the beach for a romantic dinner while viewing the sunset. They have various menus that you can choose from and very affordable as well. They also have live music to add to the ambiance during dinner. You may take pleasure dining on a very Chrome Hearts Sunglasses Hongkong fine white sands betweens your toes while listening to the soft sound of waves caressing the shore.

Barefoot Restaurant

It is located on Surfside Beach between the airport and downtown. They have tables overlooking the Caribbean shore under a palapa hut as well as seating on the beach under the stars. Barefoot restaurant is a perfect spot for a romantic dinner because of its intimate tropical ambiance. They have exceptional service and serve up good quality of food. You will also experience dining sitting on the beach with your feet in the sand and feel the tropical breeze while watching the sunset. Next time, if your thinking of having a great vacation try visiting Aruba and these amazing restaurants. What’s more wonderful than having a sumptuous meal with a breathtaking view?
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This is a guest post Chrome Hearts Shop Outlet Winter Jackets of Louise Bloom,
Chrome Hearts Eyewear
a food lover and a food writer as well for Yemanja Woodfired Grill. Cooking is one of her hobbies and find fulfillment when making a delicious recipe. She likes to have a review for great restaurants in Aruba.

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Getting an Instant Edge with Email Marketing

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In this day and age,
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pretty much everyone in the Western world has an email account: you, your grandpa, the woman Chrome Hearts Online Shop Winter Hoodie who runs the grocery store on the corner and every single one of your likely potential customers. What’s more, they’re almost certainly looking at it everywhere they go; a massive chunk of the American population has a Smartphone now, meaning that they’re reading emails in the queue at the bank, in their cars while waiting at stop lights, while lying in bed unable to get to sleep and when they’re taking a quick break at work. This means that you can now remind them about your organization and what it does at any of those moments – and you’d be a fool not to take advantage of that fact.

Our specially-designed and custom-tailored direct email marketing services are the ideal way for you to do just that, and here’s why:

We’ll teach you how to walk the fine line between getting in touch so rarely that your customers Chrome Hearts Online Shop Bracelets forget about you and getting in touch so often that they start to feel spammed. There are plenty of longstanding companies who don’t know how to strike this balance – so make sure you’re doing even better than they are.

We’ll use our specialised knowledge of direct email marketing to teach you how to format and lay out your emails and subject lines in a way that makes them look amazing and entices your readers to keep paying attention to what you have to say.

We can teach you how to put together amazingly compelling calls to action that will get people flocking onto your mailing list in droves and taking full advantage of all the amazing services for direct marketing via email you’ll soon be able to provide.

We’re able to help you set up a series of triggered email that will serve a dual purpose: they’ll be amazing examples of our email marketing services and how they can help you, and they’ll also make sure that your customers feel safe, secure and attended to when spending their money with your organization.

What’s more, we’ll make sure that our direct marketing specialists teach you everything you need to know about how to write an amazing marketing email – from the ‘tone’ you should use to the fonts that work best!

There’s never been a better time to get involved in this kind of direct marketing,
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and we’re dedicated to using our immense cross-industry experience and expertise to teach you exactly how Chrome Hearts Fashion Outlet Jewelry to do it in a way that will turn clicks into conversions more smoothly than you could have imagined.

Our methods have already worked for scores of other business owners, small and large – and we guarantee that they will have something to offer for your business, too. Get in touch today to find out more.

Author Bio

Marc Buote is an expert marketing strategist and tactician with over 20 years of entrepreneurial and international agency experience. His preferred domain is small and mid-sized business. In this write-up he has come up with the idea that how email marketing services are helpful in directing customers and driving sales to the business.

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How to Build a Relationship While Discount Chrome Hearts Tank Top Building a List

How to Build a Relationship While Building a List

With an Internet Marketing business,
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there are many ways to build your email opt-in list. But what is the point of building a list if you don’t build a relationship with it? After all it is the relationship you have with your list that ultimately will determine whether your internet marketing business is a success or a failure.

Let me just repeat that, don’t just build a list, build a trusting relationship with it!

Most internet marketing experts will tell you that an email opt-in list is the best, most effective and smartest business building thing that you can do to achieve success online. However, it is one thing to stay in business, but it is another thing altogether to have a profitable business. So building an email list and establishing and maintaining a great relationship with it, is THE key to long term internet success.

Let me explain!

An email opt-in list is a list or a database of email addresses (and sometimes Chrome Hearts On Sale Jeans Pants names as well) of people who have visited your website and given you their details in exchange for something. This is usually some sort of free gift, such as an ebook, report, ecourse or video. Once they have done this they become a subscriber. Which means they end up on an email list owned by you which allows you to send out regular emails with recommendations and promotions.

Think of it as just like you having a membership or being on the mailing list of your local gym or club. Only in this particular instance, the opt-in list is done electronically and is purely an email list.

So why should YOU have an email opt-in list?

Well, if you are spending time and money in attracting visitors to your website you need to maximise the time that that visitor is on your website. You see, very few visitors buy on the first visit, so if you turn that visitor into a subscriber, you have given yourself the opportunity to promote to them again and again.

Once more however,
Chrome Hearts Online
I will return to my earlier statement “The relationship you have with your list will determine whether your internet marketing business is a success or a failure” so at this point I cannot stress enough of the importance of providing your subscribers with value, as it is vitally important that you build a lasting,
Chrome Hearts Online
trusting and honest relationship with your email list.

Now some important pointers to help you build your email opt-in list:

1. The position of your subscribe link or webform is important! But first of all make sure you have one on EVERY page. Then make sure it is positioned ideally in the top right of your website above the fold. IT MUST BE SEEN WITHOUT YOUR VISITOR HAVING TO SCROLL UP OR DOWN OR FROM LEFT TO RIGHT!

2. When generating leads, ALWAYS send your traffic to a squeeze page or landing page, designed solely for the purpose of collecting names and email addresses.

3. Make sure you give your visitor Chrome Hearts Online Tank Top a high quality FREE gift to make it a no-brainer for them to give you their details in exchange.

4. Keep everything congruent. Any info you send out in forthcoming emails or newsletters MUST be related to the reason they were on your website in the first place or they will lose interest pretty quickly and unsubscribe.

5. Only recommend products or services you are using or have used yourself. Or BEFORE you recommend make sure you have fully investigated the product or service and YOU are happy with it. Remember you are building a trusting relationship here, if you offer or recommend shoddy or second-rate products or services, you will slowly begin to erode the confidence your subscribers have in you. Which again will manifest in unsubscribes.

6. Never miss an opportunity to build your list. An often overlooked method of list building is your email signature. Chrome Hearts Underwear Discount Outlet So make sure you add a link to your squeeze page in your email signature, so that every time you send out an email your link is included.

Now, the 6 points I have mentioned above are only starting points really, there are many other ways of building an email opt-in list, (too many for this particular article) but you can read many of my other articles on this fascinating subject.

As a further piece of advice I thought it would be a good idea to give you some advice about the things you should NOT do with your email opt-in list, so here goes:

DO NOT SPAM. It is best that you get permission from your subscribers, having said that pretty much all of the Autoresponder service providers out there these days, will only let you add to your list if your subscriber has voluntarily opted in anyway.

Try to establish an email sending strategy. Whereby you Chrome Hearts Winter Hoodie Online Sale maximise your earnings without bombarding your subscribers with endless offers and promotions. Dependent on your niche, you should be able to quickly identify the frequency of your messages and the content. If you ALWAYS provide VALUE and you continue to learn what your subscribers needs and wants are you should establish a long term relationship.

Finally, the benefits of having a responsive email list are undeniably the difference between success and failure for you internet marketing business. Grow your list and you grow your business. Having an email list means you TRULY can get cash on demand!

Just follow these tips above and you’ll soon see what I mean!

All the best -Jon

Jon Leuty is a successful internet marketer who is dedicated to helping others succeed online. To find out more about Jon and to grab some awesome FREE training & FREE gifts go to whoisjonleuty

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Should an arbitrator sign on all pages of the arbitration award?

Legal Rule

Under normal circumstances the general rule is that an arbitration award shall be valid only if signed on all pages by the arbitrator. However the exception to this rule is that the arbitrator’s signature on the last page alone of the award shall suffice provided the last page contains a part of the reasoning of the award.

The significance of the rule is that by countersigning on all pages of the final award the arbitrator(s) provide conclusive evidence that the award has been issued by the arbitrator(s). However, if the last page includes part of the reasoning behind the decision/final award, the validity of Chrome Hearts Discount Sale Shop Jewelry the signature on the last page shall extend to the full award.


The claimant in the case filed a civil case requesting ratification of a Dubai International Arbitration Center (DIAC) arbitration award to enforce the respondent to pay the awarded amount of 20.2 million AED and an additional amount of 710,700 AED as conditional interest.

The Court of First Instance accepted the claimant’s request and proceeded to ratify the award.

The respondent in the case appealed the decision of the Court of First Instance and the Court of Appeal overturned the judgment of the Court of First Instance.

The Chrome Hearts glasses Discount Outlet Claimant then brought the appeal to the Court of Cassation requesting to set aside the Court of Appeal judgment and uphold the CFI judgment.

Grounds of appeal

It was submitted by the claimant that the Court of Appeal decided to nullify the judgment since all pages of the arbitration award were not signed by the arbitrator except the last page. The entire reasoning of the award was contained in 23 pages preceding the last page of the 24 pages long award. The court observed that the last page did not contain any details about the reasoning/details of the decision.

However the claimant submitted that the last page of the award contained the words “according to previously mentioned reasoning…” and accordingly argued that the reasoning of the arbitrator’s award was attached to the last page. He further submitted that that the copy submitted to the DIAC was signed on all pages by all arbitrators and requested for the same to be produced.

Court of Cassation judgment

The Court held that under Article 212/5 of the Civil Procedures Law of the UAE an arbitration awards shall be valid only if signed on all pages by the Arbitrator. The final award issued by the arbitrator shall contain the award itself and the reasoning which led to the decision. The only exception to above rule is if part of the reasoning to the award is contained in the last page of the award. This rule is in accordance with public order. Accordingly the court observed in its judgment that the failure to sign on all pages of the award suggests a gap between the arbitrator and the final award.

The court also relied strongly on the fact that nearly half of page 23 of the award was left blank and the page 24 started with the words, “according to previous mentioned Chrome Hearts Sale Outlet Earrings reason…”. The court ruled that such reference to the reasoning of arbitrator does not satisfy the rule for exception, thereby rendering the award null and void. In reply to the other request raised by the claimant to enforce the other party to provide the award documents in its possession which allegedly contained the signatures of all parties, the Court ruled that the lower court was not obliged to entertain such a request since the claimant failed to furnish satisfactory evidence to think that the copies provided were different.

Author: Experienced lawyer Hassan Elhais, along with his team of prominent lawyers across the UAE, has made a name for himself as a renowned specialist in the fields of civil law, construction law, banking law,
Chrome Hearts Online
criminal law, family law, Chrome Hearts Sunglasses High Quality inheritance law and arbitration.

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Aoni Electronics Launches its New Dual Lens HD Android Car Mirror Camera DVR Dash Cam

Aoni Electronic Industry Co., Ltd, the leading designer and marketer of automotive and consumer electronics video products, today announced the general availability of the new HD dual lens car mirror dash cam. This is the newest addition to Aoni'Chrome Hearts glasses For Sale;s drive HD series,
Chrome Hearts Online
offering an extra set of eyes via the camera’s ability to simultaneously capture the road ahead and behind in crystal clear HD video.The Aoni D107 car camera is fully featured and very easy to use. The camera’s unique ability to record both front and rear-facing video offers double the protection for everyday drivers. With its front and rear protection, or its ability to record a backseat passenger, Aoni’s newest mirror dash cam model is ideal for all drivers.The model of the dual lens car mirror DVR features a five-inch LCD screen, ultra-wide viewing angles capturing a view of 120°and includes an up to 64 GB MicroSD memory card. It also features continuous loop cycle recording and a G-Sensor, triggering the unit to automatically and permanently protect video clips if an impact is Chrome Hearts Caps Discount Factory detected.Additional features of the D107 include:Parking Mode – Provides visual event recording while a vehicle is parked. If motion is detected or the G-Sensor is triggered, the camera will automatically wake up and start recordingAndroid System – It supports the Android operating system 4.4GPS Navigation – Built-in GPS navigator can locate the place preciselyWiFi connection – Supports WiFi connection with your mobile phone; easily control with your mobile device“Traffic accidents and misfortune on the road can happen from the front of the vehicle as well as the rear,” said David Wu, CEO of Aoni Electronic Industry Co., Ltd.,“We continue to expand our HD dual lens car camera products because we are committed to meeting drivers' needs head-on and delivering the peace-of-mind our customers have Chrome Hearts Accessories On Sale come to expect from us.”The D107 is available now at the newest Android dual camera car dash camera for wholesale service. Also you can check on Alibaba by entering Shenzhen Aoni Electronic Industry Co., Ltd.About Shenzhen Aoni Electronic Industry Co.,
Chrome Hearts Ring
Ltd,Shenzhen Aoni Electronic Industry Co., Ltd is one of the world's leading manufacturers of headphones, IP cameras and car DVRs. Based in Shenzhen, China, Aoni has built its own state-of-the-art factory including sophisticated facilities such as Cloud Service Lab, SMT machines and professional manufacturing workshops. The cutting-edge products that are optimally tailored to its customers' needs have been used in over 60 countries and gained great reputation by having mutual trust relationships with more than 100 business partners all over the world. Aoni was founded in 2003 and today has over 1,000 employees around the world that share a passion for video and audio technology. Shenzhen Aoni Electronic Industry Co., Ltd has sales and marketing operations in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia. To learn more please visit

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Chrome Hearts Online

Once there was a heavyweight championship fight between George Foreman (of grill fame) and Muhammad Ali (nee Cassius Marcellus Clay). Both won Olympic Gold a decade or so apart. Ali defeated the stronger Foreman through a strategy of leaning back against the ropes and protecting himself while he let Foreman punch himself out until Georgie-boy became arm-weary. I remember the fight. It looked Chrome Hearts Scarfs Sale Online as phony as rasslin’. Ali named the strategy ROPE-A-DOPE.

It appears that so-called Christians (protestant and Roman Catholic), feminists, gays / lesbians, and agnostic media talking-heads attempt to do the same thing every time a new pontiff is named.

That’s right! It’s time for that exciting new game show, ROPE-A-POPE, brought to you by Nabisco the first name in communion wafers. Remember, they’re always crunchy and never stick to the roof of your mouth. Nabisco, makers of the Host with the most!

This effete mob of shrill, insolent snobs is hopeful they’ll succeed this time. The Roman Catholic Church will become more progressive (they think) because the new Pope is from South America, and a Jesuit to boot! An aside: I’ve been reading about social unrest in mid-to-late nineteenth century Europe where Chrome Hearts Rings Safe Shipping it was fashionable to blame all problems on Jews, Freemasons, and Jesuits. There were even a number of Jesuits within the Masonic Order. One writer referred to them as Chrome Hearts Discount Outlet Jeans Masons that dressed like women.

So now there will (undoubtedly) be a full-court-press, already started in the pontiff’s home country of Argentina, to demand the RCC sanction same sex marriage, artificial insemination, women priests, and birth control, among other demands. For sure the United States liberal bellyachers will jump on board. As a country we always think what-we-want should sway global opinion, but dig this: the US represents only a measly six percent of worldwide Catholicism.

I suppose I should explain I am not Roman Catholic, and as a believer I am rather feckless. That is, I hope the dogma is true, but I waver in faith probably because I know enough about science to be dangerous. (Even so, scientists claim before the big bang the only element in the universe was hydrogen. I can’t help but wonder where Chrome Hearts Accessories Online Store hydrogen came from. Did it create itself?) Anyway isn’t that all religion is: a faith statement? If so, what’s wrong with that? Does having unshakable faith hurt anybody? I have friends, believers and non-believers, who will not give the other side the courtesy of respecting their belief system. Each thinks the other is stupid and flawed. When people act like that, I think both are bigots and idiots.

That brings me back to Pope Francis, named for St. Francis of Assisi not Francis Xavier who founded the Jesuit Order. Here’s what people do not understand. He like his predecessors is CERTAIN of his faith, and that bugs modern people. We like things in shades of gray so they can be debated in a court of law, where there exists no “absolutes”. We consider people who are “sure” as dangerous fanatics. We demand so-called progressive thought and action, which means conformity to whatever is fashionable in liberal pop culture of-the-moment. You can readily see the wisdom of PC-conforming by the lead stories in the print and electronic media featuring Honey Boo-Boo, Miley Cyrus, Lindsey Lohan, the Kar-trash-ians, Justin Bieber, and other mental giants. (Dipping, oozing sarcasm intended.)

What the agenda-toting Philistines need to understand is there is DISCIPLINE and there is DOCTRINE. Priestly celibacy is a DISCIPLINE; whereas birth control, male clergy, marriage defined as between man and woman,
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etc. are DOCTRINE. I have news for you people: doctrine is not going to change—nor should it! That’s holy ground for the RCC. If you don’t like the doctrine, go somewhere else and leave them alone. Simple enough?

I don’t see the same politically correct “reformers” out there trying to change Islam. See I surmise they consider Christianity as inherently evil and Islam as peaceful and misunderstood. Just for PC crowd’s benefit,
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and as one who lived among Moslems and studied their faith, here’s the deal; the following are not allowed and violation results in harsh penalties up to and including death: 1) homosexuality, 2) tattoos and piercing, 3) women clergy, 4) women in the work place (except teaching and medicine), 5) talking to a female not of one’s family—that’s adultery sports fans, 6) alcohol, 7) narcotics, 8) eating pork, and 9) having dogs just to name a few restrictions.

I leave you with this thought. The RCC has had recent trouble with child molestation, and worse, ignored the problem; and shame on them. Hopefully they are on top of the predicament now. In Islam child molestation is punishable by death, and not after an expensive trial and years in prison. The perpetrator is lonesome for his head the following Friday. But again, that is their DOCTRINE.

Allah hu akbar.

Gene Myers

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Retirement Around the World – Mexico

Mexico is our neighbor to the south and many Americans enjoy moving there for retirement because of its climate, culture and proximity to the United States. Mexico offers everything from big cities to small towns to everything in between. The country has a long and interesting history making it a fun country to explore.

Retirement for Mexicans

In Mexico the normal retirement age is 65, although a person is able to receive reduced benefits at age 60. Under Mexican law, all salaried employees are covered under social security; this means that people in the formal sector are covered but people who are in the informal sector would have to opt in and then they pay not only the employee portion but also the employer portion.

Under social security in Mexico, those covered receive medical care, disability and survivor pensions, and maternity benefits. While some companies do offer defined contribution plans and other forms of long-term saving programs, they are not common and many companies don’t offer any pension besides social security.

There is a program in Mexico called “The 70 and Over Program”, which gives a stipend to those 70 and over who live in a town with up to 30,000 people. Participants in this program receive information about health services as well as their stipend of 500 pesos per month ($39.38).

As of 2012, Mexico has universal health coverage; so, all Mexican citizens are covered and are able to go to the doctor for their medical needs. Prior to 2012, health coverage was mostly for people working in the private sector or for the government; it is now afforded to all citizens.

Americans in Mexico

As an American retiring to Mexico you will have a lot of options. The country has many different and distinct areas to choose from – mountains,
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beaches, cities and small towns. Depending on where you decide to live in Mexico will affect the type of life you lead. Spending time exploring Mexico and its different areas is extremely important; getting to know the area that you want to live in may mean the difference between truly enjoying your retirement and wishing you were elsewhere.

Once you have found the perfect place for your retirement, it’s time to decide if you want to rent or buy. If you are planning on living in one of the major cities, like Mexico City, home prices will be more expensive than in other parts of the country. In Mexico City, rent for a three-bedroom apartment in the city center for around $1,000 per month; while in Guadalajara, a three-bedroom apartment in the city center is about $600 per month.

When traveling to Mexico you are able to stay in the country for six months if you don’t work. If you plan on staying year round you will have to apply for a visa. The visa you would need if you want to stay longer than six months is either the FM – 3 Non – Immigration Visa or FM-2 Immigration Visa. These two visas will allow you to stay in the country longer and with the FM-2 Immigration Visa you will be able to have the rights of a citizen (minus Chrome Hearts Discount Sale Shop Winter Jackets voting) and be able to work.

Another thing to consider is that you will have to buy health insurance. Mexico’s health care system is very good and much cheaper than in the U.S. If you obtain a FM- 2 or 3 visa then you will be able to take part in the Mexico’s universal health care coverage for about $300 per year. You will be able to get many of your prescriptions and visit the doctor for a fraction of what it would cost in the United States.

Aside from health care, in general everything is more affordable. You can live very comfortably in Mexico for under $2,000 a month. Depending on the lifestyle you want to lead, you may find yourself spending less or more than $2,000 a month but this is a good benchmark.

A Slower Pace of LifeMexico Building Creative Commons

On top of all of these things traveling Chrome Hearts Online Shop Bags to Mexico is very easy. With major airports throughout the country, getting back to the U.S. is only a matter of hours. This is one of the big reasons that retirees are flocking there.

With the increase in expats moving to Mexico, many retirement communities have begun to spring up, leading to a higher standard of living in these areas. If you choose to live in a retirement community, you will have the comforts of home as well as many English speakers surrounding you.

Your day-to-day life will slow down considerably when you move to Mexico and adjusting to this is half the battle. Once you become accustomed to the slower pace of life, the real fun begins. Some of the most popular activities in Mexico are: exploring ancient Mayan sites,
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water sports, jungle excursions, golfing and going to local fairs and festivals. Chrome Hearts Fast Shipping Winter Jackets These are just a few of the many things that you can do throughout Mexico.

Living in Mexico gives you the opportunity to experience many new things. The Mexican culture is rich with tradition and meaning, and the beauty of it can be seen in everyday life. You will also be able to learn about the Mexican culture through its food. Many Americans think they know what Mexican food is,
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but there is so much more – complex sauces and dishes leave your mouth watering and the love that they are made with fills your heart.

Life in Mexico is different than in the United States and it will take some getting used to, but if you go in with an open mind and heart you will find that Mexico is a very warm and inviting country. It is always a good idea to learn the language of the country you are moving to and this is especially Chrome Hearts Caps For Sale important if you plan on living in a small town or village. While some Mexicans do speak English, you should never assume that they do.

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